Ruby Blue – Dolphest 2016

Vintage tinged Blues

Ruby Blue is the new collaboration between Southampton singer/songwriter Emily Mongan and south coast blues rockers 71 Chain – I managed to catch their set at the Dolphin (St Denys) last weekend.

Ruby Blue have been gigging round Southampton for a few months now, hitting the Hobbit, the Dolphin & the Talking Heads over the last few weeks. Emily’s collaboration with a full band is an excellent move that should open up bigger gigs, and the fuller sound they bring has given her the opportunity to showcase some really strong songwriting. While Emily is writing the tunes at the moment, I’m told that full creative collaboration is in the works this year and personally, I cannot wait.

One could very broadly describe Ruby Blue’s sound as blues, but it really doesn’t do justice to the music, which is soulful, thoughtful, jazzy and sometimes ventures closer to rock – in no small part thanks to 71 Chain who had great energy onstage at all the right moments, while leaving just the right musical space for the vocals to shine.

Even while on stage with a full band, Emily wasn’t afraid to go it alone on a song near the end of the set, showing her skill as a performer in her own right on the mournful ‘Ghost’.
She delivered a really consistent show, leading the whole band, with a particular highlight on ‘Never Get it Better’ showing some impressive vocal power. The set had a great vibe, never too downbeat or moody, while delivering some great melodies and bluesy grooves.

Ruby Blue have a few gigs coming up, and will be at the Talking heads on Saturday 7th May with Mad King Ludwig & the Mojo Co:

Ruby Blue can be found on Soundcloud & Facebook below: