Cloaked – Voight Campff EP – Review

The return of ambient house?

Cloaked are new a Portsmouth duo who’ve just put out their first EP. While the guys have both been producing music for a little while now, the Voight Kampff EP is their first collaborative release.

The results are unexpected – with science fiction influences (think Blade Runner), interesting sound design, and some very retro sensibilities. The whole release has a slightly lofi tone and more than a few nods to old minimal and ambient records. With the longest track at 3:48 none of the tracks overstay their welcome – I hit play on the whole EP again straight after the first listen.

The EP starts with an atmospheric grower (Eye & Talon), a strange, almost Caribbean techno groove (Voight Kampff), hypnotic percussion (Enhance 34 to 36) and a strong ambient house-flavoured final track (November 2019). I singled out the last track for another few listens – the track could have been longer without tiring listeners and the lead samples are really well chosen, complimenting the feel perfectly. Easily my favourite of the four.

The retro production was a really nice change coming straight from listening to some more ‘modern’ sounding electronic music and Cloaked have some interesting ideas with regard to sound choices and arrangement. The EP holds together really well tonally though sometimes I felt that a little more variety would have been a bonus. Voight Kampff overall feels unforced and never sounds like it’s trying too hard to please an audience – a promising first release & well worth a listen for those who enjoy ambient house and techno records.

I’m reliably informed that there is more material on the way (in fact, there is more online already) – in the meantime you can find Cloaked here: